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Your important photos were deleted from the smartphone? Recover with these simple steps

New Delhi: Today everyone is using smartphone. Smartphones have helped speed up many tasks. However, the phone is not only used for calling and chatting but also with old memories Photo And we also use handsets to store videos. Your phone stores numerous photos of yourself, friends and relatives. However, the sudden deletion of these important photos can be a big problem. Often these photos are unknowingly deleted. However, there is no reason to worry if the photo in your phone is also deleted. We are going to tell you a simple process, with the help of which you can easily recover photos. Let us know what this process is.

Here’s how to recover a deleted photo

  • To restore your deleted photo, first open the Google Photos app in the phone.
  • After opening the app, select the Library option.
  • Now select the Trash option.
  • In Google Photo Trash you will see all the photos that were accidentally deleted.
  • Now you can select and restore these photos.
  • If you do not find deleted photos in the Google Photos app, then you need to download the data recovery tool in the phone.
  • With the help of data recovery tool you can easily recover deleted photos.

In the meantime, be sure to check the reliability of the data recovery tool before downloading it. Only then install this tool in the phone. This way you can easily download deleted photos and videos. Some phones also store deleted photo recycle bins. You can also recover photos from here.

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