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Your car’s mileage will increase by 10%! Just keep these 5 things in mind

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5 Simple Tips to Improve The Car Mileage: Has your car’s mileage suddenly dropped? If your answer is yes, then this news of ours is just for you. Today we are going to tell you about those 5 easy ways, with the help of which you can increase the mileage of your car by up to 10 percent. Yes, you read it right. Actually, sometimes due to small carelessness or neglect, the mileage of the car starts decreasing suddenly. In such a situation, it is important for you to take care of these 5 big things.

air filter

The mileage of the car decreases when the air filter of the car is jammed. Dirt, dust or soil particles get into the air filter, causing it to become clogged. This affects the engine of the car and increases fuel consumption. Therefore, the air filter of the car should be checked at every short interval.

tire pressure

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Among the things that affect the car’s mileage the most, the tire pressure of the car is a big reason. If there is less air in the tires of the car, then it will directly affect the mileage of your car. In such a situation, take care of the balance air in the tires of the car. With this you can control the mileage up to 3 percent. A good way to increase the mileage of the car is to fill it with Nitrogen air instead of normal air.

Brake will reduce mileage soon

When the brakes of the car are applied too often, its mileage starts decreasing. This is the reason why less mileage is available in cities as compared to highways. Often people take fast accelerators in a hurry at traffic jams or red lights, due to which the brakes have to be applied again and again. This results in high fuel consumption, which reduces mileage.

Average speed will increase mileage

By driving the car at the average speed, you can control the mileage up to 5 percent. Maximum mileage is available at the speed of 45 to 55 kmph. At the same time, fuel consumption is high at a speed of more than 60 or less than 20 kmph, which gives less mileage.

car service

To increase the mileage of the car, get serviced at regular intervals. Due to this all the parts and engine of the car work well. Delay in service reduces the mileage of the car.


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