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Your bike parts will no longer be damaged by rain water, adopt these 5 indigenous jugaads immediately

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Bike maintenance tips for Monsoon: Riding a bike on the roads becomes quite a challenge in the monsoon season. Although many people may like to ride a bike on empty roads in the rain. In such a situation, it becomes very important to take care of some things during the monsoon season. Actually, it is quite common for rain water to run into bike parts during monsoon, but this water can spoil some important parts of your bike. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about those important tips, keeping in mind that you can save your bike from getting damaged. So let’s have a look…

Apply a rustproof or other lubricant to the hinge and lever

Levers and hinges are made of materials that are prone to rusting easily. So to protect them, it is important to lubricate them or cover them with an anti-rust solution.

check brake pads

During the rainy season, there can be a problem of slippage in the tires of the bike. So make sure your brakes are in good condition. Get your brake pads checked and these brake pads can be replaced if needed before the onset of monsoon.

change tire if needed

If the condition of the tires of your bike is not good, especially if it is raining outside, then you should not go out with the bike at all because, riding a bike on wet roads with bad tires means that your chances of getting an accident increase significantly. She goes. If you think the treads are also worn out, it is recommended to replace them immediately.

Keep bike chain clean in monsoon

Bike chains can be vulnerable to mud, dirt and rust during rain. Therefore, it is important to clean the chain of the bike regularly to ensure that the bike is running smoothly. Also providing lubrication will not cause rust.

Do not park the bike in the rain

It is important that you park your bike in a closed place so that the bike can be protected from rain and water. If this protection is not available, there may be a problem of rusting in the bike. Apart from this, the bike can be driven for a few minutes in the morning to keep the engine, pedals, lever warm. This will keep the engine of the bike warm and also in good condition.

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