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YouOn hydrogen e-bikes with a power reserve of 70 km are presented

Chinese bike rental platform YouOn unveiled its first hydrogen bikes to the public this week. Currently, these bikes are only offered in the Changzhou urban area in Jiangsu province in China. At the time of launch, there are 1,000 of these bicycles on offer in the area, and the rental costs 2 yuan (about 23 rubles) for 20 minutes.

The body is made of a reinforced metal alloy, the hydrogen fuel tank is inside the frame, and the power transformer / battery is under the cyclist’s seat. Despite its many components, the bike is considered lightweight as well as safe, which is why it is allowed to be used in the city.

A representative from YouOn highlighted the features of the company’s new hydrogen-powered electric bicycles: a range of 70 km, a speed of up to 23 km / h, and an opportunity for cyclists to save energy when cycling uphill.

YouOn has been developing hydrogen-powered e-bikes since 2017, and in October 2019, the company conducted the first successful test run of its first prototype. The main challenge during research and development was to solve the problem of hydrogen storage. YouOn had to develop a low pressure hydrogen fuel tank to provide more mileage for the hydrogen powered bike.

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YouOn hydrogen e-bikes with a power reserve of 70 km are presented

These bicycles outperform traditional electric bicycles in terms of range, but the cost of producing hydrogen bicycles is higher than lithium-ion counterparts.




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