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You won’t have to change batteries in electric cars anymore. New batteries will allow you to drive millions of kilometers

Tsinghua has announced a solid-state battery for electric vehicles that can withstand 20,000 charge cycles without a significant drop in capacity.

It is believed that such a resource will be enough for the entire period of use of the car. If we assume that one full charge will provide a range of 500 km, then 20 thousand cycles is 10 million km.

Of course, we will not know soon how these promises correspond to reality, but even if the actual service life of such batteries is five or even ten times less, this is still a very impressive result.

Another Chinese company, Svolt Energy, has announced a solid-state sulfide battery, with which electric vehicles will be able to drive at least 1000 km on one gas station. Svolt Energy has already patented more than a hundred developments related to the technology for the production of sulfide batteries. The timing of the release of such batteries is not specified, but the source says a time range of two years.

Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio has announced that a new 150kWh solid-state battery will become available for most models as early as the fourth quarter. With it, the range for the ES8 crossovers will be 850 km, for the ES6 – 900 km, and the ET7 sedan will be able to overcome more than 1000 km.

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