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You will get the fun of Android in computer, you can also use Play Store, follow these steps to set up


Pen drive will be required to enjoy Android in computer and laptop.
If Rufus software is not already in the laptop, install it and keep it.
Now download bliss os for pc software from google chrome browser.

new Delhi: Windows laptop or computer can be converted to Android very easily. In the case of window system, it is very easy to use Android. Apart from gaming on it, there is no problem in watching videos and downloading any app from the Play Store. Do you also want to enjoy Android in laptop? For this you will need a pen drive. Along with this, you can download a software and make it Android.
After this, you will be able to download any game or app from the Play Store and use it. Not only this, it is very easy to control it with keyboard and mouse as well.

download this software
It is very easy to make laptop or computer Android. For this you do not need to buy any gadget separately. With the help of only one software and pendrive, it can be converted to Android in a few minutes. For this search bliss os for pc on Google Chrome browser. After downloading it from the official website, transfer it to the pen drive. Play store can also be run in computer with this software.

install like this
1. Insert bliss os for pc software into pen drive through rufus.
2. After this open the rufus software, write GPT in the partition scheme and write uefi in the target system.
3. After this save it by clicking on the apply button.
4. Now restart the computer and keep pressing f7 along with it.
5. After the boot option menu opens, click on the pen drive at the top.
6. Now select bliss os and let it install.
7. After turning on the laptop, you can use it in Android setup.

Make such a laptop normal
Any Windows PC and Laptop can be converted back to Windows after using it by making it Android. For this, first uninstall this software installed in the laptop. After this, take out the pendrive and keep it off for a while. Now restart or turn it on again. In this way, you can change it back to the form of the window after using Android Setup. Avoid using Android version for a long time in any laptop.

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