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You will be able to watch Live TV on mobile without internet and SIM, trials will be held in 19 cities soon!

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Mobile users will soon be able to stream videos without a SIM card or internet connection as direct-to-mobile (D2M) broadcast technology may become a reality in the near future. Developed by Saankhya Labs and IIT Kanpur, D2M broadcast technology leverages terrestrial telecommunication infrastructure and spectrum assigned by public broadcasters to transmit video, audio and data signals directly to compatible mobile and smart devices. This allows multimedia content to be streamed directly on the smartphone without a SIM or internet connection.

news agency PTI According Addressing a broadcasting summit, Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apoorva Chandra said that domestic direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology will soon be tested in 19 cities and he said that the 470-582 MHz band will be used for this emerging technology. Emphasis was also laid on reserving spectrum.

At the conference, Chandra said that shifting 25-30 per cent of video traffic to D2M will remove 5G network bottlenecks, which will accelerate the country’s digital development and democratize content distribution.

Last year, pilot projects to trial D2M technology were run in Bengaluru, Dutta Path and Noida.

The report further states that Chandra said at the conference that D2M technology will help reach approximately 8-9 crore homes across the country that do not have TV. Only 190 million of the country’s 280 million households have television sets. He also said that there are 80 crore smartphones in the country and 69 percent of the content accessed by users is in video format.

With the potential to reach over a billion mobile devices, the adoption of D2M technology promises tremendous benefits, including cost reductions in data transmission and access and improvements in network efficiency and potentially the development of a nationwide emergency alert system. Installation included.

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