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You will be able to order on JioMart sitting at home only through WhatsApp! Meta and Reliance join hands

Jio Mart Facility on WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app, which we all use in our common life. Apart from this, through this, we also take advantage of many services like UPI Payment, Call, Video Call, Photo and Video Sharing etc. In view of the large user base of WhatsApp, now many companies and banks are starting their services on it. The country’s largest e-commerce website Jio Mart has decided to start its services on WhatsApp as well.

Recently, Jio Mart’s parent company Reliance and WhatsApp’s parent company Meta have entered into a partnership. After this partnership, Jio Mart has started the first end to end WhatsApp shopping facility. Both the companies have said in a joint statement that customers doing online shopping from Jio Mart (Jio Mart Shopping on WhatsApp) will add WhatsApp to the grocery list. After this, customers will be able to easily order goods and pay by putting them in a special ‘court’.

You can order through WhatsApp
Let us tell you that Isha Ambani has announced this in the 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries. While launching this new facility, Jio Mart said that this new service will change the shopping experience of crores of customers across the country. Crores of customers and merchants of the country will get an opportunity to join together. Along with this, customers will be able to order goods at their home through WhatsApp by just following some easy steps sitting at home.

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Customers will also get the facility of grocery shopping
Let us tell you that along with Jio’s website, now customers will also get the facility of grocery shopping on WhatsApp. Customers will be able to add grocery items to the cart like other items. After that they have to pay for those goods. Soon after this the delivery of goods will be done at his house.

In this way Jio Mart users will be able to order on WhatsApp
The company has informed in its press release that customers will have to save Jio Mart’s number (+917977079770) to order goods on WhatsApp. After this, a Hi message has to be sent to this number. After its message, you will see a complete list of goods on WhatsApp. After this, the customer can choose the payment option by adding the goods to the cart. Apart from online payment, you can also opt for cash on delivery. If you want, you can easily pay for the goods through WhatsApp payment also.



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