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You will be able to generate real time images on WhatsApp, know how Meta AI will help

With the help of this model, Meta is bringing artificial intelligence features in many of its apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. Soon WhatsApp users will be able to create realistic photos directly within the app. This will be possible with the help of Meta AI’s imagine feature.

Meta has recently launched a powerful artificial intelligence model named Llama 3. Leveraging this model, Meta is integrating artificial intelligence features into many of its apps, such as WhatsApp and Messenger. Soon, WhatsApp users will have the ability to create realistic photos directly within the app, courtesy of Meta AI’s Imagine feature.

Trial underway in America

Meta has announced in its blog that it is introducing its artificial intelligence technology, ‘Imagine,’ to WhatsApp. Currently, this feature is undergoing a trial phase in America. With this feature, users will be able to generate lifelike images while typing text directly in the chat. As users type, the image will dynamically change. Essentially, users describe the picture they have in mind using words, and Artificial Intelligence will create and display it.

Meta AI Imagine feature

The ‘Imagine’ feature, currently being trialed in America, allows users to create images simply by typing text in a WhatsApp chat. When a word is typed, Artificial Intelligence immediately begins generating an associated image. The more words are typed, the more refined and detailed the image becomes. For instance, typing “snow-covered mountains” will prompt the appearance of a corresponding image on the screen. This feature facilitates the transformation of thoughts into pictures seamlessly.

create HD quality image

The images created will be clearer, more beautiful, and of higher resolution than before. Additionally, text can now be written directly on these photos. Users can utilize this feature to create birthday decorations, wedding cards, or professional album covers. Meta asserts that this new Artificial Intelligence feature will cater to the needs of every user and produce high-quality photos.

The “Imagine” feature is not merely an image creation tool; it collaborates with users. As users type a word, the feature suggests other words to help create the desired picture. This collaborative approach between users and Artificial Intelligence ensures the creation of precisely the desired image.


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