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You will be able to drive your car easily even in dense fog, follow these tips

People often have to face fog during the winter season. Dense fog on the road reduces the visibility due to which the vehicle running in front is not detected. In such a situation, the risk of accident increases. Driving in dense fog should be avoided, but this may not be possible all the time.

If you must drive in fog, remember that severe weather conditions like this require the driver to be completely focused. Here we are telling you some tips, knowing which you can do safe driving even in fog. So let’s know…

1. Keep the speed low

Most of the accidents in fog are due to over speeding. If there is heavy fog on the road, drive at a lower speed, so that you have enough time to react in case of danger.

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2. Use fog lights

If your vehicle has fog lights, use them. The fog lights provide good visibility even in fog. This will also let other vehicles know that you are on the road.

3. Make distance from other vehicles

While driving in fog, you must keep a good distance from the vehicle in front of you. If the distance is too short and you need to brake suddenly, you will not have enough time to react.

4. Keep the heater on

In the winter, steam often builds up inside the car on top of the windows and windshield, making it difficult to see outside. In such a situation, if you keep the car heater on, then the windows will not get steamed and you will see everything clearly.




5. Avoid overtaking

Avoid overtaking if you are driving in fog and there is a lot of vehicles on the road. Due to low visibility, you can hit the vehicle coming from the front. You should also avoid changing lanes frequently, as this can cause you to collide with vehicles traveling behind.

6. Use turn indicators

It is also necessary to give proper signals to the vehicles following you on the road. Therefore, if you are turning you should turn on the indicator for at least 10 seconds, so that the cars behind you can slow down.

7. Ask for Help

If necessary, you can ask other passengers on the road to help you spot obstacles.


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