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You will be able to book train tickets sitting at home, RedBus launches RedRail app

RedBus on Tuesday launched the RedRail app that will allow users to book train tickets from the comfort of their homes with the help of the app. It is expected that this segment will contribute 10-15 per cent to the gross ticket value of the company in 3-4 years. Let us tell you that RedBus is a company of MakeMyTrip Group, which has now brought the RedRail app. Let us know about this new app, how it works and what will be the benefits of it.

Business will grow with the use of digital

Prakash Sangam, CEO, RedBus said in a statement that the launch of this standalone RedRail app is at the right time as digital transactions and usage have increased in both the bus and train segments in the last two years. If we talk about the market, then the online train ticket booking market has grown to more than 1 million daily transactions and it provides a huge opportunity in the country.

Benefit from RedBus’s userbase

The 65 percent overlap between bus and train passengers works to the company’s advantage as the company will take advantage of RedBus’s large userbase to grow Red Rail.

after the bus the turn of the train

He further added that ‘Our bus ticketing platform has already achieved a lot of growth in the intercity bus segment and now we will work to break into the online train category as well. We expect this segment to contribute 10-15 per cent to the total ticketing value. RedBus is also planning to launch the app in 5-6 local languages.

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