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You don’t need a license to drive the Microlino Lite electric car

The Swiss company Microlino has decided to supplement the Microlino family of miniature electric cars with the Lite version. The electric car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and is positioned as an affordable solution for getting around the city.

Microlino lite

The new product is equipped with a 6-kilowatt engine with a power of 9 kW, and the Microlino Lite power reserve is enough for 100 kilometers. The manufacturer installed a lithium-ion battery inside, but if desired, the car can be equipped with an 11-kilowatt battery, providing 180 km of travel on a single charge. The first version of the battery charges to 80% in two hours, and the 11-kilowatt version will take twice as long to restore energy.

Microlino lite

A hybrid of steel and aluminum was used to manufacture the body of the Microlino Lite. The mass of the electric car is 571 kg with dimensions of 2519 x 1473 x 1501 mm. The interior includes a dashboard, climate control system, USB ports for charging gadgets and a holder for a smartphone. The rear window has its own heating system, and there is a 230-liter trunk for things. As in the original Microlino , the car is entered through a single front door.

Microlino lite

Externally, Microlino Lite repeats the design features of its “big brother”, but this time the electric car is aimed at people without a driver’s license and young drivers. In Europe it is classified as an L6e vehicle and is limited to 45 km/h.

As for the price, the car is offered for 149 Swiss francs (~$169) per month.


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