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You can now host webinars in SberJazz

The SberBank team announced the launch of a new useful feature in the Russian video conferencing service SberJazz. Users can now hold interactive webinars on the SberJazz platform with a large number of both speakers and listeners.
Illustration: Sber
The total audience can reach 2000 people with 100 speakers. The webinar function can be added by users of the corporate version of SberJazz. The press release explained:


The new online tool will allow you to hold information and wrap-up meetings, HR events, including onboarding new employees, marketing activities, sales webinars, educational events – from lectures and seminars to scientific conferences – and much more.


All options of the corporate version of the service are available in SberJazz webinars, including automatic text transcription of dialogues, recording of meetings, chat with reactions, and simultaneous screen sharing by several speakers at once.


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