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You can hide anyone with Whatsapp Status, even if you want, no one will be able to keep an eye

New Delhi. Whatsapp has changed many of its features over time. This is the reason why the number of WhatsApp users is also increasing continuously. The company also takes full care of the privacy of the users. Now WhatsApp has brought a new feature. In this you can hide anyone from your status. After this he will not be able to keep an eye on you even if he wants to. That is, he will not even see your status-

It becomes very easy for iPhone users. Because in iPhone you do not need to do much jugaad. First of all you have to go to Whatsapp and at the bottom you will see Settings. After clicking on it you will see many options. Here you have to go to Privacy. After this you will see Status.

After going to Status, you will see the option of My Contacts, My Contacts Except and Only Share With. If you want to hide only a special or selected people, then you have to click on My Contacts Except. In this, those contacts will not see this status again, which you do not want to show.

If you want to set status for any particular then you will have option of Share With Only. After clicking on this option, your entire Contact List will open. Here any contact you select will see your status. Apart from this, no one is going to see your status. My Contacts means that your status will be visible to all the contacts.

These options are given for Android users. If an Android user wants to hide, then after going to the app, he has to go to the top three dots. In this, after going to Settings, you have to go to Privacy and make this setting.

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