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You can give these financial gifts to your loved ones on Christmas, know why they are the most special

Christmas 2022 Gifts: The last month of the year, December, is spent in preparing for Christmas (Christmas 2022) and celebrating this festival. Everyone eagerly waits for this occasion. People decorate their houses with light-flowers many days in advance. A few days before Christmas, beautiful Christmas trees are also planted in homes. If you are planning to gift your family on the occasion of Christmas. Then you must read this news. You can know here how you can help them financially through gifts.

Can give financial gift

On many occasions, parents definitely give gifts to their young children, but the occasion of Christmas is something special for children. On this day, you become a Secret Santa for them and keep gifts under the tree. We are going to give you information about some financial gifts. With the help of which you can deposit money to strengthen and improve the future of your children.

health insurance

On this occasion, you can give health insurance as a gift. You secure the life of your loved one, plus it has tax benefits. Buying insurance is the best way to save and secure your future. People have become alert since the Corona epidemic (COVID-19). Most of the people have started taking health insurance for themselves and their families.

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fixed deposit

You can give Fixed Deposit as a gift. It is considered the safest investment. It is one of the best financial gifts to give to your loved ones during Christmas. Returns are higher than FD savings accounts. An investor can deposit a large sum of money in a Fixed Deposit with his bank for a specified period at an agreed rate of interest. He gets the investment amount along with compound interest at the end of the tenure.

mutual fund

Money is needed for marriage and good education of children. For this, you can give them as a mutual fund gift from now itself. You can also invest money every month in this. In which you can deposit money through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Here in general, instead of investing money in mutual fund scheme, you can invest in installments.

gold gift

There is a lot of trend of giving gold as a gift in the country. On the occasion of Christmas, you can also gift physical gold (coins, jewellery), sovereign gold bonds, gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds) or gold savings funds to your children or spouse.

prepaid gift card

You can give Prepaid Gift Card on the occasion of Christmas. It is considered the best way in financial gifting. Which can be used to buy anything. These cards are used for in-store and online shopping at many retail places. It works like a debit card. These cards are offered by banks. In this, you can get cards worth Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000. A gift card is a secure means of payment, works with a separate PIN.


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