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You can enjoy these facilities for free at the petrol pump, do you know about them?

Petrol Pump Tips: Whoever drives a vehicle, they must often go to the petrol pump to get petrol or diesel. But do you know that you can avail some facilities at the fuel pump for free. Whether you take fuel from the pump or not. Before getting license to any petrol pump, they have to arrange these 6 free facilities at their place. If you do not get these facilities from any petrol pump, then you can also complain against the petrol pump. So let’s know about these free features.

free air

You can get air filled for free at any petrol pump. You do not need to spend a single penny for this. It is mandatory to appoint an employee for this.

drinking water

You can drink clean drinking water for free at the petrol pump. This is one of the essential conditions for the license of petrol pump.

toilet facilities

It is mandatory for every petrol pump to arrange separate toilets for its women, men and differently-abled. For this, it is not mandatory for you to buy fuel from the pump. You will get the benefit of this facility for free.


phone facility

If you are stuck in an emergency, you can also avail free phone call facility at the petrol pump and call and contact the police and family. Here you can get both landline and mobile phones.

first aid kit

It is mandatory to keep a first aid kit at the petrol pump, in which bandage, ointment as well as painkiller, paracetamol are available. Which you can use for free in case of emergency.

fire extinguisher

It is also mandatory to have a fire extinguisher at the petrol pump. They are there in large quantities, so that they can be used when there is a fire anywhere. No one can stop you for using it and you will also get an operator for it.


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