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You can easily create QR code yourself, know step-by-step method


You can generate QR code online in an easy way
There are many benefits of using QR codes
QR code is used for payment during purchase

New Delhi. You must have seen that QR (QR Code) is being used a lot everywhere in the market. Whether it is for shopping, for filling an online form or for any other technical work. In modern times it is needed almost everywhere. It is extremely user friendly to complete any online process.

Actually, QR code means “Quick Response Code”. Which completes any online process in a few seconds. They are similar in appearance to square barcodes, which are made up of horizontal lines. Which was first developed in Japan. There are technically some details hidden in the code, which you can access by scanning through the phone and complete the process.

How to make better QR code, follow this method

Must have good internet connectivity: To generate QR code, first of all you must have mobile, laptop and internet connectivity. If you have all these then you will find it very easy to code. Therefore, first of all, keep all the equipment ready with you, so that there is no technical fault in any way.

Search website on google: First of all open the browser and go to Google. To go to Google, type create QR code there. Google will give you some selected websites in front of you, which will be the most easy and helpful to code.

Choose a good website to code: There are many websites on the Internet, whose tools help you a lot in creating code. There is a demanding website for generating codes on the Internet (QR Code Generator.com). You can start creating code by visiting this link directly. Most easily code can be created through this site.

Create code by adding your favorite file: After this, as soon as your website opens, you will see many types of files, such as URL, photo, website link, SMS, Wi-Fi, PDF, MP3, text and many more options, which you can convert into QR code. Huh.

Enter the details for the code: Click on the type of QR code you want to create. After clicking, fill the rest of the details on the given option. After filling the details, more than half the work of creating your code is completed.

The code will appear in the image: After filling the details, as soon as you click on the option of Add QR Code, your code is generated and comes in front of you. Its image will appear on your screen like a box and a square, in which the code is designed with small dots.

You can save code like this: You can save the box of code that will appear on your computer or mobile. After the code is created, you can download and upload it very easily according to your own.

Check code after it is generated: Once the QR code is generated, you can scan it to find out whether it is working properly or not. After scanning, it starts asking for other details. This means that your code is working properly. Now you can use it online anytime anywhere according to your need.

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