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“You can and should ask her questions” — “Alisa” appeared on the main page of Yandex

According to the press service of Yandex, the voice assistant Alisa appeared on ya.ru – now users of all major browsers for a computer and smartphone can chat with her. The voice assistant will find the information you need, support the conversation, open your favorite playlist or build a route to the office, the developers say. According to them, “Alice” can and should be asked questions: she will quickly answer many questions with her voice, and if the question is more complex, she will direct her to the search results page. Also, “Alice” can compose a song using neural networks or talk about what love is.

According to Sergey Melnik, head of Alice and Yandex smart devices, the next step is to synchronize assistant scripts on different devices. In the future, Alice will help, for example, make a shopping list or set a reminder, and the user will see it both on the computer screen and on the smartphone. And it will also be possible to control smart home devices through Alice directly from the Yandex home page on a laptop. To activate Alice on the main page of Yandex, you just need to click on it. The assistant can also be found in Yandex Browser, the Yandex with Alice mobile application, and Yandex Stations.


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