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You can add your name, photo to the Google search list; Will be done in minutes…


Apart from including yourself in Google’s search list, you can add social media links.
There is no need to download any separate software or app for this.
Register yourself by going to Google’s Create Public Profile and add social media links.

new Delhi: Apart from any famous film actors and actresses, most search politicians on Google. Many times, if the original Facebook ID or Instagram ID is not found, people search on Google by entering the direct name and follow them by clicking on the link. It is very easy for famous people to do this. Is it necessary to be famous to appear in Google’s search list?

Many times such questions come in people’s mind, but there are very few people who try to find answers. You can also include yourself in Google’s search list.

Do only famous people appear in Google’s search list?
No person needs to be famous to be included in Google’s search list. Any common man can include himself in Google’s search list. For this they do not have to spend a single rupee. Not only this, after adding the name to Google’s search list, you can search it anytime from any device and visit the ID through Instagram and Facebook links. It is very easy to do this.

What are the benefits of adding your name to the Google search list?
There are many benefits of being included in Google’s search list. Some people include themselves in this search list only after becoming famous. Actually many times people after giving Instagram and Facebook ID are not able to search it. In such a situation, if the name is included in Google’s search list, then you can directly ask them to reach Instagram and Facebook by entering their name. Through this, it is very easy to increase followers and subscribers.

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Add photos and social media links on Google like this, this is the complete process
1. To add a name to Google’s search list, search by typing create a public profile on the direct Chrome browser.
2. You can also reach the direct website through this link.
3. Now login to it by entering email id and password.
4. After this add the photo at the top and fill all the things like name address location at the bottom.
5. After going to the preview section in the last click above the social media link.
6. After copying the link from Facebook Instagram, paste it here.
7. Now after adding it, you can check again after 2 to 3 hours.


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