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Yoon Seok-yeol, “Games are not diseases”… Will awareness of the game industry improve?

People’s Power candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, who emphasized the game industry as a “filial piety industry,” was elected as the 20th president.

In particular, attention is focused on whether the next government will improve negative perceptions of the game industry and establish a system as President-elect Yoon said, “Games are not diseases.”

Earlier, the game industry announced a pledge proposal urging the next president to ‘normalize the game industry’. It was a proposal to globalize Korean games through diplomatic support and to foster them as new growth engines by removing the ‘stigma effect’ on the game industry.

In 2020, the global game market will reach a total of 193 trillion won. Among them, the size of the domestic game market recorded 18.88.5 trillion won, a 21.3% increase compared to 2019. The Korea Creative Content Agency expects the domestic game market to exceed 20 trillion won in 2021. Exports of the domestic game industry in 2020 also amounted to 8,193,56 million dollars (about 9,668.8 billion won), an increase of 23.1% from the previous year.

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Industries such as the Korea Game Industry Association said, “In order for Korean games to take another leap forward in the global market, it is necessary to come up with an active support plan. We need to raise awareness about the industry.”

As if in response to this, President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol posted on his SNS account in January, “Now that economic growth is stagnant, the game industry is a good industry that creates high-quality jobs and exports to the world.” The trend was also led by the game industry. In the age of youth job cliffs, the game industry, which mostly employs 2030 employees, is an area that the government should actively support.”

He said, “Therefore, government interference should be minimized and it should be left to the creativity and innovation of Korean companies equipped with the world’s best technology. However, we will respect the opinions of gamers in the direction of transparently disclosing probability information on irrational issues that many people agree on, such as the opacity of probability-type items.”

“Games are never a disease,” he emphasized. He said, “Except for concerns about excessive speculation, outdated regulations on games should be cautious.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified ‘gaming use disorder’ as a sub-list of addictive behavioral disorders in 2018 without any specific reason.

Accordingly, the game industry has pointed out that if the WHO decision is uncritically accepted as domestic standards, there is a risk of extending the ‘stigma effect’ on the game industry. In the case of games, the immersion period is short, which is different from the traditional addictive behavior disorder. Considering the high rate of coexistence disorder among game addiction symptomatic, opinions followed that the existing disorder may have been expressed in the form of game addiction.

The game industry said, “In the non-face-to-face era, a careful decision is required under sufficient social discussion and consensus to introduce the disease code for game use disorder, such as the role and function of the game, and the medical basis and necessity of classification of the disease table through in-depth research.” told

Meanwhile, President-elect Yoon emphasized the following four game policies: ▲ Complete disclosure of probability-type item information ▲ Installation of an investigation agency dedicated to game fraud ▲ Introduction of regional ties to e-sports like professional baseball ▲ Relief of inconvenience in access to games for the disabled do.

In particular, President-elect Yoon emphasized that in order to ‘resolve unfairness in the game market,’ he would create a user committee like a broadcaster’s audience committee to directly monitor whether game companies keep the complete disclosure of probability-type item information.

President-elect Yoon said, “Until now, the game industry has made huge profits with probability-type items, and has been distrusted by users with opaque probability information. The Yoon Seok-yeol government has decided to create a system in which game companies can directly monitor game companies by making it mandatory for game companies to fully disclose information related to probabilistic items.”

He also said, “Online, micro-fraud targeting young gamers and second-hand users has been on the rise. We plan to significantly reduce the number,” he said.

It is also noteworthy whether the identity verification process for online games will be improved.

Earlier, President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol presented ‘a country where you can easily enjoy online games’ as the fourth series of ‘Seok-yeol’s promise of heart attack’. It was a game policy announcement to target the 2030 youth vote.

President-elect Yoon said, “In order to expand the convenience of online game users and promote the game industry, the duty of securing a legal representative is maintained when young people sign up for membership, but all game products that are available for use are exempted from the obligation to authenticate themselves (obligation of legal representative). We will improve the certification process.”

According to the current game industry law, the subject of identity verification includes game products for all users, and criticism has been raised that it is excessive personal information collection. In particular, teenagers were restricted from signing up for and using the game because they were blocked from verifying their identity. This is because authentication methods are limited to mobile phones and credit cards.

President-elect Yoon promised, “When the world changes, policies change accordingly and regulations need to be resolved.

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source: bizn.donga


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