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Year Ender Automobile 2022: Year 2022 was excellent for two wheelers, know how many sales till November

The demand for two wheelers is continuously increasing in India. The year 2022 also proved to be excellent for two wheeler manufacturers. Compared to the year 2021, more two wheelers were sold from January to November this year. At the same time, compared to the years 2020 and 2021, companies have performed better this year.

Fada gave information

According to the information given by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association, there has been a strong increase in the sales of two wheelers in the country from January to November of the year 2022. This year, the festive season October and then November saw the highest sales of two-wheelers. FADA has taken this information from the website of Transport.

how much sales in 2022

Talking about the figures, according to the information given by FADA, a total of 1,18,48,409 two wheelers were sold in the country from January to November. In January 2022, 10,93,022 units were sold. In February 2022, this figure stood at 10,46,733. 12,26,602 in March, 12,69,402 in April, 13,01,587 in May, 11,72,100 in June, 10,92,851 in July, 11,51,700 in August, 10,71,739 in September, 17,12,656 in October and November 2022 18,49,772 units were sold in . Whereas in the year 2021, only 9480037 units of two wheelers were sold.

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States not included

The information received by FADA from the transport side does not include the sale of vehicles in the three states of the country. These states include Lakshadweep, Hyderabad and Madhya Pradesh.

how will next year be

The year 2023 is going to bring many changes for the auto world. The biggest change among these will be the new emission norms. From April 1, 2023, the second phase of BS6 will be implemented in the country. After which all vehicle manufacturers will have to take care and new vehicles will be made accordingly. For which some companies will have to update their products due to which the prices may increase. Along with this, there will also be a challenge for all the companies to increase the sales of their products amid the increasing presence of electric two wheelers.


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