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Yandex now has family payment for services

The Yandex team announced a useful innovation for users – family payment for its services. Thus, now you can use your family card to pay in Yandex services.

This is convenient, for example, for spouses to pay for taxi rides or food delivery from Yandex.Lavka, and for parents for delivery from Yandex. Market.

For family payment, you need to add a bank card to Yandex ID or select one of the already linked ones, create a family account, add members and set a limit – in rubles or another currency.

Yandex now has family payment for services

The owner of a family account can set different limits on the card – daily, weekly or monthly for each family member. Also, the account owner will be able to adjust the limit, customize it, track spending and check the history of transactions on the family card.

At the moment, members of a family account can use a family card in such Yandex services as Market, Food, Taxi, Lavka, Kinopoisk, Drive, Travel, Games and Delivery. The list of available services itself can also be configured by the cardholder.

Now a family account can consist of four or fewer, with plans to increase the number of members in the future.


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