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Yandex.Music now has “My Wave” – ​​a personal personal music stream

The Yandex team announced the launch of a new useful feature for the Yandex.Music music service. “My Wave” is located on the home screen of the application and site and provides an endless personal stream of music.

As the developers note, the new recommendation formula takes into account more than a thousand factors. This formula has increased the diversity of the musical stream. Thanks to new recommendations, more new music sounds in the stream, which listeners “like” 57% more often.

Yandex.Music now has

“My Wave” constantly adjusts to the listener and learns from the tips from the users themselves: by choosing the mood, character, language of the track and other criteria. For example, if a person has switched several instrumental tracks, “My Wave” will understand that it is better to put music with vocals. In order for the recommendation system to learn, it is enough just to listen to “My Wave”.

Starting today, all new Yandex.Music users will be able to turn on My Wave on the main page of iOS and Android applications and the web version of the service. Some of the current users “My Wave” is already available, and for everyone else it will open gradually and will appear in the near future.


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