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Yandex launches its own virtual bank card

Yandex has introduced a digital debit card of the Mir payment system. You can pay with a card on Yandex services and not only. For card purchases, Plus subscribers will receive additional cashback points: 3% for purchases on Yandex services and 1.5% for other purchases. The card can be used in online stores or paid offline using the Mir Pay application on Android, Yandex notes.

You can open the map in Yandex applications – Go, Market and Drive. To do this, you need to go to the payment methods, select the Plus Card there and confirm the phone number. The card is free, it can be replenished without commission through the fast payment system. All users who do not have a Yandex Plus subscription will receive a 90-day subscription to Plus Multi free of charge upon opening the card. Then the subscription can be renewed for 299 rubles per month. The cashback accrued with points can be spent on purchases in Yandex services: order something in Yandex Lavka or Food, pay for gas at gas stations, or buy goods on the Market. The Plus card can also be connected to the loyalty program of the Mir payment system in order to receive additional cashback from partners in rubles.

By default, new users will have an Anonymous card level, which allows you to spend up to 15,000 rubles at a time and up to 40,000 rubles per month. The level can be increased to Named, then the one-time spending limit will increase to 60,000 rubles, and up to 200,000 rubles can be spent per month. Users who already have a Yandex Account open will receive a Plus Card automatically within a week, its level will correspond to the level of the Account.

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