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Yamaha Introduces New Maxi Scooter with Turbo Engine – Will It Be Launched In India? Know Here

Yamaha has unveiled its new NMAX Turbo scooter in Indonesia amidst strong demand for maxi scooters. Let’s explore its features and engine specifications.

Yamaha NMAX Turbo: Yamaha, once a dominant force in India until a decade ago, has since lagged behind. However, the brand remains popular in other global markets. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Yamaha has launched the NMAX maxi-scooter in Indonesia, marking a significant milestone. Although originally introduced in 2015, this model boasts new design elements and an upgraded engine, setting new sales records. Currently, it is available in Australia, Europe, and select parts of Asia.


Features of Yamaha NMAX Turbo:
The new NMAX Turbo features an electric CVT gearbox, promising improved performance and reduced fuel consumption. It offers two riding modes – T for city rides and S for highway cruising, catering to diverse riding needs.

Dual Channel ABS:
Ensuring enhanced safety, the NMAX Turbo is equipped with dual-channel ABS and supports traction control. The ‘Turbo Y-Shift’ feature optimizes acceleration and braking across low, medium, and high modes.

Powerful Engine:
Powered by a 155cc engine, the NMAX Turbo delivers 15.6hp of power and 14.2Nm of torque. This engine variant, also used in Yamaha’s Aerox 155 scooter, has been tweaked slightly for this model. The scooter’s dimensions have been adjusted with a 45mm longer and 50mm shorter configuration.

Additional Features:
The scooter impresses with its stylish design and features such as LED projector headlamps, taillamps, and an LCD speedometer with navigation capabilities. It also includes a smart key for added convenience.

Potential Launch in India:
While launched in Indonesia due to high demand for maxi scooters, Yamaha has not confirmed its availability in India yet. Industry sources suggest the scooter may debut at next year’s Auto Expo.

With increasing demand for maxi scooters among Indian youth, it is anticipated that other manufacturers like TVS, Honda, and Hero will also focus on developing their own models for this segment.


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