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Yamaha Aerox 155 Review: Enjoy both scooter and bike

Yamaha Aerox 155 Review: The 1980s, when the India-Japan partnership took place, marked the time of a revolution in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Yamaha India got a new identity with the two-stroke 100 cc motorcycle and since then Yamaha has been becoming famous for the performance of its engine only and only. Take a look at the Yamaha RD 350 or the Yamaha RX-100. Both these motorcycles are something that people still crave to keep in their garage. Well, now in this four-stroke era, Yamaha’s FZ series and R15 continue to dominate. But, Yamaha has always been behind in the scooter segment. But, now to create a new segment in this segment, the company has launched its new Yamaha Aerox 155, which we are going to review for you.

Looks and Design

Yamaha is calling it a maxi style sports scooter, which has a completely different design and that is why people like to see it flipping while walking on the roads. One can see twin LED headlamps at the front and LED lights at the rear as well, but the turn indicators are not LED. However, you can get LED indicators installed as accessories and for this you will have to pay Rs 1750 more. It looks very aggressive from the front and the small windshield given at the top also makes it quite sporty like you would have seen in the FZ series bikes. If you look from the side, then you will not be able to understand here what it is? If a scooter is seen somewhere, then some glimpse of the bike will also be seen.

The floorboard is not flat and there is not much space to be seen here. Not only this, when you sit, it feels more like a motorcycle and like a motorcycle, it has a fuel tank at the front. Apart from this, you get a small glove box and a 12V charging socket is available in it. However, I feel there was a need to give the USB port here to the company.

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Talking about the LCD instrument cluster, you can see the rev counter here and you get to see a lot of information here, which includes odometer, trip meter and fuel consumption. Bluetooth connectivity is available in it but you have to use the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect app for this, which gets information like parked location, malfunction, call alerts and fuel consumption. However, sadly, you don’t get turn-by-turn navigation.

Engine and performance

In the Yamaha Aerox 155, the company has given a 155 cc single-cylinder, four-valve engine which is derived from the Yamaha YZF-R15 and has been included in the Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) which you have written in Yamaha’s R15 also Would have seen The engine generates power of 14.8 bhp at 8,000 rpm and torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. There is also a radiator on the side which comes with the liquid cooling system. The special thing about this engine is that you get a lot of power and its top speed is more than 110 kmph i.e. you can easily run it up to 115 kmph.

While driving, if we first talk about the ride quality, then it looks harsh, but not uncomfortable. The sporty handling is clearly visible here and you do not lose your confidence even if you are driving on curved roads or corners. Overall, it offers you a very balanced and stable ride. Talking about braking, you get ABS with 230 mm disc in the front and 130 mm drum brake in the rear, which gives a good stopping power but if twin disc brakes were setup then you will get better braking performance. Would have got

The seat is quite wide and comfortable. There will be no problem for the rider but high-seat height is seen for the pillion rider and here the pillion does not get that much comfort, but you can ride it easily by making the person sit in the back seat.


The Yamaha Aerox 155 has a lot of negative points, but as soon as you go on its ride, you will forget all the negative points in front of its performance. Quite a practical and everyday scooter you can call it. More than 35 kmpl you get mileage in it and if seen, this scooter is for those people who like bikes more and buy scooter due to being gearless. So here you end the hassle of gears and enjoy the bike too.



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