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Xpeng x3 A flying electric vehicle that does many things at once


Xpeng X3 : A Chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng has come up with a flying car prototype unlike any other. Known as the Xpeng X3, the flying car prototype in this case looks like a typical car, but it’s not a typical car. The X3 is equipped with the larger rotors seen on prototype drones . The electric car recently took its first flight, after which its video became so viral that people were stunned to see this car, the video shows the X3 lifting off the ground and spinning at a height of 30 feet.


Is this a car or a drone? Or is it both?

Let us tell you that this amazing Xpeng X3 car cum drone with its unique design not only took off ahead but also took a turn before landing. The video claims that the X3 weighs around 1950 kg (4,300 lb), which makes this flight even more impressive. As Futurism rightly pointed out, the flying car is unusually long, probably to make room for the rotors and all the hardware that supports the electric vehicles. This car is designed not only to fly but also to drive on roads.
There are many things that we do not know, for example, we do not know how much hardware is packed inside the Xpeng X3 car, what is its capacity and many more. Last month, Xpeng debuted its X2 prototype in Dubai, and we saw the car take off and land in real time.


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