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Xiaomi’s Mini Thermos Flask: Will keep cold cold and hot for several hours, will not leak

Chinese technology company Xiaomi has introduced Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask in the Chinese market, which has a capacity of 500 ml. Technologically, the Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask is not one of Xiaomi’s IoT smart home electronic devices, as users cannot connect the Thermos Flask to their Xiaomi Home app on their phones.

How was the thermos prepared?

Gizmochina’s according This is not a self-heating electric thermos flask, it is just a normal thermos flask. That’s why you can’t keep the coffee hot at the same temperature. Now it comes to why then why spend about Rs 1,296 on this thermos flask? Yes, there is a lot different in thermos flask in terms of durability. The Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask is crafted from high quality 316-grade stainless steel on the interior and 304-grade stainless steel on the exterior.

Features of Thermos

According to Xiaomi, both stainless steel materials have been chosen for this thermos, as the material is known to have chemically inert and waterproof properties. This allows easy cleaning of the thermos flask. Furthermore, both the stainless steel materials are carefully crafted to ensure not only an overall ergonomic design but also prevent liquid leakage inside the flask.


Talking about the price, the price of this mini thermos flask of Xiaomi is 109 RMB i.e. around Rs 1,296 according to Indian currency.

The Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask specification claims that the product can keep hot liquids hot at 40°C and above for 6 hours and cold liquids at 18°C ​​and below for 6 hours.

Talking about the design, the Xiaomi Mini Thermos Flask comes in a matte greyish white finish. Its front has a minimalistic gray XIAOMI logo. For the first sale of thermos in China Xiaomi Xiaomi is providing a Thermos Flask Carrying Case for customers when they buy Mini Thermos Flask. On the front of the case is the Chinese slogan I am Xiaomi Fan which is a combination of Xiaomi’s celebration of its Mi Fan festival for the year 2022.

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