Thursday, February 22, 2024

Xiaomi SU7’s interior revealed, know how the electric sedan will be

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Xiaomi is going to launch its electric sedan Xiaomi SU7 soon. The exterior design of the car was unveiled in December last year. exposure happened. Now recently information about its interior has come to light. Here we are telling you in detail about Xiaomi SU7.

Xiaomi SU7 price and availability

Xiaomi SU7 is likely to be priced around 300,000 Yuan (approximately Rs 34,86,241). Deliveries are expected to begin in the first half of 2024. Xiaomi SU7 is getting ready to become a big contender in the Chinese electric car market. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun also sees a lot of growth in the electric car segment and has focused on prioritizing Xiaomi’s expansion in this market. While Xiaomi will continue to make smartphones and other technology products.

Features of Xiaomi SU7

New official interior photo According, Xiaomi has provided great technology as well as a driver-centric design with physical buttons. It seems like this change has been made keeping in mind the feedback from the users, as many EV users have asked for touch controls in their cars. The interior of the SU7 features a flat-bottom steering wheel, touch switches, a horizontal center touchscreen and a center console. The most eye-catching thing is the row of toggle switches located under the driver’s right hand side. These switches control functions like air conditioning, ride height and rear wing spoiler.

The SU7 doesn’t just have buttons and driver-centric features. The interior also features a floating dashboard design that integrates the head-up display, instrument panel and air outlets. Additionally, a docking unit provides even more physical buttons. The driver-centric design features sports seats for a low seating position and greater forward visibility. Xiaomi Clearly the SU7 promises king-of-the-hill winter range and efficiency. The company’s in-house designed heat pump is an essential part of this strategy and in the winter testing video, the SU7 has been driven on snowy roads in temperatures of -33 degrees Celsius.

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