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Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro in 5G and 4G versions: what’s the difference besides cellular networks

There are two varieties of Poco M4 Pro smartphone: M4 Pro 5G and M4 Pro 4G. Which one is better and which is still worth choosing? About this – in the article.

The author of the DimaViper Live channel on YouTube compared two Xiaomi smartphones: Poco M4 Pro 4G and 5G. In fact, they differ not only in support of 4G or 5G.

First of all, there are differences in the design of the devices. They have different camera arrays, and the 4G version has a glossy back panel, while the 5G version has a matte one. In addition, the 5G version is larger in size. Each device comes with a 33W charger, a silicone case, a needle to open the SIM card slot, and a cable.

M4 Pro 4G and M4 Pro 5G work on different processors, and the 5G version with MediaTek Dimensity 810 is better (4G has MediaTek Helio G96). At the same time, the 2021 smartphone with 5G launched faster. In the Antutu M4 Pro 5G test, it also shows better results compared to the 5G version, but in the throttling test, the results were similar.

However, the screen is definitely better in the 2022 version with 4G: it has an AMOLED matrix (5G has IPS) and high brightness. At the same time, the M4 Pro 5G itself has a larger display: 6.6 inches versus 6.4 inches. Newer firmware is also on the M4 Pro 4G version.

The M4 Pro 4G version has one new camera module: the macro lens. The main camera for 4G is 64 MP, for 5G it is 50 MP. In addition, the video on the M4 Pro 4G can be shot at a maximum of Full HD 30 fps, on the M4 Pro 5G – in Full HD 60 fps.

On the front camera, the pictures are identical. As for the main module, in good lighting, in terms of detail, smartphones shoot the same way, and in night mode, the M4 Pro 4G does better. That is, there is practically no difference in terms of photo quality between the devices.

The 4G version plays music louder, but in both cases, the smartphones have stereo speakers.

In general, the expert advises purchasing the M4 Pro 5G version for those who need a large display and a more powerful processor. The M4 Pro 4G version comes with a more modern MIUI 13 firmware, with a better screen. Also, this smartphone itself is more compact.

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