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Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow will give complete sleep information and now you are getting a chance to buy cheaply

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow has been introduced in China through a crowdfunding campaign. The new Xiaomi Smart Pillow can accurately capture heartbeat, snoring, body movement and breathing through its piezoelectric sensor. The crowdfunding campaign for the MIJIA Smart Pillow has started on September 7 through Xiaomi Mall.

The new Xiaomi Smart Pillow has integrated AI algorithms for health and fitness tracking. The piezoelectric sensor is well placed in the center of the pillow and does not interfere with sleep. It also provides sleep scores along with providing information about users’ sleep status and deep sleep. It can be connected to other smart devices on the Xiaomi ecosystem via Bluetooth connectivity. It works in a proper way that guarantees a proper sleep cycle.

Talking about the battery, 4 AAA batteries have been provided in the Smart Pillow, which gives power to the device for 60 days of use. It provides a low voltage DC power supply which is safe. The Smart Pillow comes in two sizes 10cm and 12cm. It can be used in any direction. It remains ergonomically quite comfortable for sleeping.

Whichever way you want to sleep, the MIJIA Smart Pillow can provide the comfort. It also provides relaxation to the muscles and gives a restful sleep to the users. The pillowcase comes with strong antibacterial protection that lasts up to 90 percent even after 20 washing sessions. The pillowcase’s exterior is made from a material that’s suitable for up to seven skins to be delicate. The outer part of the pillowcase is soft and slightly elastic.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow price and availability

In terms of availability, the Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow is now available for pre-order in a crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding price is 259 yuan i.e. Rs 2,976, while the price of the product is 299 yuan i.e. around Rs 3,434. Talking about availability, there is information about when it will be available globally.

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