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Xiaomi introduced a new children’s smart watch with two cameras

Xiaomi has introduced two models of children’s smartwatches: Mitu Kids Watch 7 and Watch 7X. Both gadgets allow parents to remotely determine the location of their child and assess their surroundings, as well as support other useful functions.

The Xiaomi Mitu Kids Watch 7 is equipped with a 1.68-inch IPS display and two cameras (5 + 8 MP). One camera is located in the traditional position above the screen, while the second one is on the side. This setup enables parents to better understand the child’s whereabouts or who they are with. Additionally, the gadget is equipped with a dual-band GPS module for accurate location determination. The device body is made of durable plastic and is water-resistant.

Xiaomi mitu kids watch 7
Xiaomi mitu kids watch 7

Through the mobile application on their smartphone, parents can set a route and configure an alert if the child deviates from it or remains in one place for an unusually long time (a 90-day movement history is available). Another feature of the device is the ability to determine the floor on which the watch is located using a barometer and 3D positioning technology.

Furthermore, the watch supports children’s versions of WeChat, QQ, and Alipay applications, and can also track 18 types of workouts and five health indicators. The gadget can motivate a child to be physically active, notify parents of a high heart rate, high stress levels, or fatigue. A 950 mAh battery is responsible for the autonomy of the new product.

The price of the Mitu Kids Watch 7 in China is $110. The more affordable Mitu Kids Watch 7X model, without health monitoring functions, is priced at $82.


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