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Xiaomi has invented a new smartphone speaker with a mechanical cover

In February 2021, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software filed a patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for “structure, method, device and electronic device for adjusting the audio output mode.” At the same time, the company also filed the same patent with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) under the heading “Mobile Cover for a Mobile Device”.

The documentation mentions a Xiaomi smartphone with a unique speaker system, which should provide improved sound quality both in hands-free mode and in talk mode over a regular speaker. In the description of the patent it is said that in modern smartphones there is too little free space to provide good sound both in speakerphone mode and during normal conversation (with the phone at the ear). The following invention should provide a solution to this problem.

At the top of the Xiaomi phone is a speaker with a “movable cover” that can be opened and closed. For this, a small guide is installed. When the user is playing music or talking on the speakerphone, the lid is open so that sound comes out through the speaker openings. This process is automatic, although the user can also manually change the sound mode: hands-free mode or ringer mode.

When making a phone call, low frequency sound propagation is desirable, but this is not so easy to achieve due to the holes in the speaker. That is why Xiaomi has come up with a cover that covers the speaker hole during talk mode. Thus, the sound waves are directed towards the screen, which allows you to hear better sound.

Xiaomi has invented a new smartphone speaker with a mechanical cover

It is not yet known in which Xiaomi smartphone this system will be used for the first time. But the manufacturer should be commended for adding high-quality stereo sound to its smartphones with Harman Kardon speakers, the company does not stop there.

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