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Xiaomi 12 Pro official video showcases bezel design and adaptive screen refresh rate function

Xiaomi has released the official video of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi 12 Pro, which showcases the bezel design and the adaptive screen refresh rate feature.

The video clearly shows that the screen refresh rate changes: when navigating through the menus and scrolling in a web browser, it is 120 Hz, when watching videos, it drops to 60 Hz, and if a static image is displayed on the screen, the frequency drops to 10 Hz. Other smartphones constantly hold 120Hz, which drains the battery quickly.

Today the head of the company said that Xiaomi 12 Pro is the first smartphone on the market to feature a 2K OLED screen with second generation LTPO technology and lower power consumption… It also adds that this is the best screen ever installed in Xiaomi smartphones and a new benchmark for the entire smartphone industry.

The display features an all-new E5 fluorescent material, second-generation LTPO materials, Mirco-Lens microprism technology and intelligent dynamic refresh rate technology. At the same time, the head of Redmi admitted that he himself does not fully understand the technologies that are used in the Xiaomi 12 Pro screen.

The release of smartphones will take place on December 28.


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