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World’s highest railway bridge ready in Kashmir, PM can inaugurate, see what is special

Chenab Railway Bridge Project : The world’s highest Chenab Railway Bridge has been completed in Kashmir. likely the prime minister Narendra Modi This bridge can be inaugurated on 15th August. The construction of the world’s highest railway bridge over the Chenab River is being done by the Indian Railways to connect the Kashmir Valley with the rest of the country.

98 percent work completed
By today 13th August the work of installing the overarch deck has also been completed. After completion of DAC, 98 percent work of bridge construction has been completed. PM Modi can mention this bridge in his address on Independence Day. This bridge, known as Chenab Bridge, can also become operational for rail traffic by December this year.

how big is the bridge
Let us tell you that this bridge is about 35 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and about 5 times higher than the Qutub Minar. The length of this bridge is 1.315 km and this bridge is at a height of 359 meters above the river level. This bridge also has the capacity to withstand earthquakes of magnitude eight. This bridge can also bear the wind speed of 260 km per hour.

Bridge built on Chenab river
Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav shared the picture of this bridge with his Twitter handle. He wrote in the caption of this picture, ‘The world’s highest arch Chenab bridge above the clouds.’ Looking very beautiful, this picture is looking no less than a painting. It is seen in the picture that this bridge is so high that even clouds are visible several feet below it.

Railway has prepared
The work of the arch of this world’s highest railway bridge, being built over the Chenab river at a height of about 359 meters above the riverbed, was completed in April last year itself. The total weight of this arch is 10619 metric tons and its parts have been erected by cable crane for the first time by Indian Railways.

Getting ready at a cost of Rs 1486 crore
The goal of building this bridge is to increase the connectivity of the Kashmir Valley. It is being constructed under the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Railway Link (USBRL) project at a cost of Rs.1486 crore. The self-supporting arch is a masterpiece of superb engineering. This was the biggest civil engineering challenge of any rail project in India, which the engineers have accomplished.

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