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World’s healthiest food creator dies of heart attack

The health promotion specialist was admitted to hospital on 11 November. After some time, Baines regained consciousness, but died from heart and kidney complications.

The man’s interest in healthy food began to manifest itself after a sharp increase in excess weight. Already in 2009, he became famous for creating “the healthiest dish in the world” – chicken with curry and blueberries. He has also written many books on superfoods.

Baines has won numerous awards throughout his career. Including in 2011, he was named the Chef of the Year at the first English Curry Awards in 2011.

We will remind that earlier the American nutritionist Trista Best listed products that slow down the aging of the human body after 50 years. According to her, regular consumption of vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits increases life expectancy, including by eliminating inflammatory processes in the body.

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