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World’s first sodium ion solar generators to enter CES 2022


  • The world’s first sodium ion generator is ready
  • Can supply power for a long time
  • Will replace lithium ion

New Delhi. A company known for its line of power stations Bluetti Introduced the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator. With the new-age generator, the company aims to bring a replacement for lithium-ion batteries to its line of solar generators that can power homes.

Bluetti is a Las Vegas, US-headquartered power solutions firm mostly known for its state-of-the-art solar generators. The company made a name for itself through its flagship model, the AC200, which garnered nearly $7 million in crowdfunding over two months in 2020. Since then, the company has built a strong portfolio of generators, photovoltaic or solar panels, and other energy generation and storage solutions.

Just a few years after its inception, Bluetti is now set to launch an entirely new line of products at the upcoming CES 2022. As mentioned on its website, the company will be showcasing its NA300 solar power generator that uses sodium-ion batteries. Also, it will introduce the B480 sodium-ion battery pack to increase the capacity of this generator.

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Why sodium?

Lithium-ion batteries have been the best solution for all things electricity, whether it’s a smartphone in your hands or the latest Tesla you see on the streets. The specialty of battery technology is that it offers some of the highest power densities in a battery. It charges faster and lasts longer than batteries based on other materials.

However, with the advent of electric vehicles and almost every machine shifting to electric mechanisms, there has been a huge jump in demand for lithium. The challenge the world is now facing is the shortage of usable lithium, as extracting and refining it is a time-consuming process as well as a costly process. With the rapid increase in demand, the production of lithium for batteries simply cannot continue.


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