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World’s first Miss AI competition, the winner will get so many lakhs, know the details

World AI Creator Awards: Similar to Miss World, a Miss AI Award has now been organized in the world of AI. Many AI avatars and AI influencers can participate in this competition. The winner of the WAIC competition will receive various awards, including a cash prize. Let’s delve into what makes this award function special.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is gradually becoming integrated into our everyday lives. Not long ago, many people were unaware of its existence. Now, AI’s influence on social media is steadily increasing, with a rising number of AI influencers making their presence felt.

Recently, a Miss AI competition has been announced, mirroring the format of Miss World. This competition marks the world’s first beauty competition where the best artificial intelligence models and influencers will be selected. The competition is organized by the World AI Creator Awards (WAIC).

What are the rewards?

According to the website listing, a prize of $20,000 (approximately Rs 16.7 lakh) will be awarded in this competition. Entries for this competition opened on April 14th. Any creator who manages an AI model can register for this competition, subject to certain conditions.

The creator must have a presence on social media and must be at least 18 years of age. Detailed information about WAIC is available on the official website. This event has a focus on female AI models and social media influencers. WAIC will also organize awards in other categories.

It’s worth mentioning that OpenAI’s DALL-E, Midjourney, and Copilot Designer are some popular tools used to create AI avatars. According to the WAIC website, AI creators participating in this competition will be judged based on three criteria.

Many AI influencers are gaining popularity

The winner will be determined based on the beauty of the AI avatar, balance, and responses to specific questions. Additionally, the competition will take into account the popularity of an AI model, i.e., the number of its followers on social media. Aitana Lopez, for instance, boasts over 300,000 followers, while Emily Pellegrini has 281,000 followers on Instagram.

The date for the online awards ceremony has not been announced yet. The winner of this competition will receive a cash prize of $5,000 (approximately Rs 4.1 lakh). Additionally, other prizes will be awarded in the form of a membership program, promotional packages, and PR support.


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