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World’s first digital car keys with Bluetooth and NFC unveiled

In a recent press release, Yu Chendong, Huawei Senior Vice President and General Manager of Huawei Smart Car Division, stated that Huawei has created the industry’s first Bluetooth and NFC-enabled digital car keys for its recently announced smart car Aito M5.

Yu Chandong explains that smartphones that run HarmonyOS 2.0 have car digital keys in the Huawei Wallet app. With digital keys, you can do almost anything you can with physical keys. Digital car keys use Bluetooth to unlock and lock the car from a distance, and if Bluetooth is not working or the phone battery is low, the car keys support NFC. Moreover, it will work even when the smartphone is turned off.

The Aito M5 smart car has NFC and Bluetooth digital key encryption, which is in line with the Chinese ICCE standard, as well as road safety and privacy of car drivers and passengers. Currently, car cd keys are only available on Huawei smartphones with HarmonyOS 2.0, but Huawei plans to add this feature to its Huawei Watch 3 series as well, as some drivers will find it more convenient to unlock their cars with a push of a button on their wrist rather than reaching for their smartphone.

World's first digital car keys with Bluetooth and NFC unveiled

The Aito M5 is called Huawei’s most expensive smart device because it is not just a car: it is equipped with the HarmonyOS operating system, Huawei smart cockpit, 2K HDR screen, powerful Huawei sound system, the company’s proprietary autopilot and other electronic assistants.


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