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World UFO Day: When, Why and How is Aliens Day Celebrated! Learn Full History

You must have heard and read about UFO often. UFO stands for ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ or ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ in English. UFOs are seen in association with aliens. Movies have been made on this subject since time immemorial, but till now no one has been able to lift the curtain from their truth.

Today is dedicated to such unknown flying objects. World UFO Day is celebrated on 2 July every year. This day is specially celebrated for those people who believe that there is some other species in the world other than our earth, or simply put, those who believe that there are aliens, and their space They come to revolve around the earth in the craft. On this day people try to find the unknown flying things together in the sky.

Earlier there were 2 dates for World UFO Day. It was celebrated on 2 July and 24 June. But the World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) has fixed the date of July 2 for this. Since then it is celebrated every year only on 2nd July.

According to aviator Kenneth Arnold, in the early 1900s, nine unidentified flying objects were seen in the skies of Washington on June 24. At that time he was seen in the shape of a plate. Since then, the aliens’ space craft are represented in the shape of a similar plate. And since then this day is celebrated to spread awareness about UFOs.

This day is also celebrated with the hope that the governments of countries around the world make efforts to find out more about UFOs. The US government also reportedly has information related to UFOs, which has been collected with the help of the military department. Therefore, it becomes a day when people who believe and do not believe in aliens come together and express their views about them, so that their existence can be explored more deeply. On this day people gather and search for unknown flying objects in the open sky. Apart from this, movies related to UFOs are also seen together.

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