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Know why World UFO Day is celebrated on 2nd July and what is the specialty of this day.

New Delhi : UFO ie Unidentified Flying Object Day is celebrated on 2 July every year around the world. This day has been specially selected to make people aware of UFOs. You must have seen many such Hollywood and Bollywood movies. In which Aliens and UFO have been mentioned and in these movies Aliens and UFO have also been seen coming to earth. After which there will be many questions in your mind about UFOs that do they really exist? So let’s try to answer your questions today.

Let us tell you that World UFO Day was started by the World UFO Organization. Actually, some people believe that UFOs do not exist, nor is there any solid evidence related to their existence. So on the other hand, many people are quite sure of its existence. Let us tell you, the debate among researchers about the existence of UFOs is still going on. Not only this, scientists of many countries are engaged in solving the mystery of UFO. The main purpose behind celebrating World UFO Day is to make people aware of it so that they can share information about the unknown things in the sky.

What is UFO?

Actually, sometimes we see some unseen and wonderful things shining in the sky or coming down from the sky, which suddenly disappears. Some people consider it to be a flying saucer ie UFO. However, information related to this is shared from time to time and researchers are constantly trying to gain information through their efforts.

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