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World Photography Day: These 5 things photographers must have while traveling

New Delhi. Of course, you will want to carry many options to get the perfect shot during your journey, but it is important to be simple in this matter. You also do not want that you have to carry a lot of weight while capturing those moments in the camera. Therefore, weight and size play a very important role in the packing of travel bags. Although there are many essentials in a travel photographer’s bag, Verin today on the occasion of World Photography Day, we have made a list of 5 such things that a travel photographer must have.

Lens: We are assuming that you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, so we are not focusing on that. It is common knowledge for any good photographer that the body of the camera forms the basis of great photography and all the toughness rests on the lens. It’s no surprise that there are so many different lens options these days that even the best of professional photographers can be surprised. Even if your heart may insist on carrying a lot of different lenses, you should only go with two that can take the most photos. However, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, so a walk around and a fast prime lens is fine. When choosing a walk around lens, choose one with wide aperture. The wide aperture lets more light in, making the lens perfect for many photography conditions.

On-Camera Storage:
As important as having a camera or lens is no less important than having on-camera storage or an SD card. Choosing the right storage can be a bit tricky. You may need a high-capacity SD card that is specially designed for photographers. You should use a card that is designed and tested for harsh conditions and temperatures.

Extra Battery: It cannot happen that a photographer goes on a journey without backup of extra battery. Whatever the situation may be, it is better to go out with a backup battery, if you are in a faraway place or living in a tent in an open area, then the worry of charging will be avoided. If you are traveling by air, then you should know about the stoppages set by any country or airline. Generally, regulations allow you to travel with lithium-ion battery cells. You can carry a battery with less than 100Wh power in a protected case. It is safe to carry a 95Wh battery on international flights. Lithium Ion batteries come in 95Wh, 130Wh, 160Wh and 190Wh.

Fast and Portable Storage: Travel photographers must carry external storage. When choosing portable storage, keep in mind that it should be light, fast and strong. It should be such that you can take it anywhere by driving. With this lightweight drive, you don’t have to worry about deleting a shot, anyway photos are good or bad memories.

Light Tripod:
For travel, you should have a sturdy and compact yet lightweight tripod that fits easily in your compact travel bag. The need for a travel tripod is different from that of a regular tripod. It should be something that makes your shooting experience effective, but while being fun, don’t let the problem of burdening you. Take a tripod made of carbon fiber and it is stronger and lighter. Although it will prove to be a little expensive for you. It is wise to get a tripod that is fit for both photography and videography. You decide what features you want in your tripod and only then buy. With experience, we get a better understanding of which material will be right according to the way we want to take photos.

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