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World EV Day 2022: 30 Best Options for Buying Electric Scooters and Motorcycles

New Delhi.
World EV Day 2022 Special:
People in India have started emphasizing on buying electric scooter motorcycles and the biggest reason for this is that people are now giving preference to electric vehicles as a cheaper option due to the high prices of petrol. Today 9th September is World EV Day and on this occasion we will tell you about 15-15 options of popular electric scooters and electric motorcycles sold in India and will also make you aware of their prices. Not only are these electric vehicles great in looks and features, they also have a good battery range. These electric two-wheelers in the low and high-speed category also sell well.

15 Popular Electric Scooters Selling In India:

Ola S1 Rs 99,999 to Rs 1.40 lakh
TVS iQube Electric Rs 1.61 lakh to Rs 1.66 lakh
Ather 450X Rs 1.17 lakh to Rs 1.39 lakh
Bajaj Chetak Up to Rs 1.52 lakh
Simple One Rs 1.10 lakh to Rs 1.45 lakh
Bounce Infinity E1 Rs 45,099 to Rs 70,499
Okinawa Okhi90 1.22 lakh rupees
EeVe Soul Rs 1.20 lakh
Hero Electric Optima Rs 62,190 to Rs 77,490
Hero Electric NYX Rs 77,540
Okinawa PricePro Rs 87,593
Ampere Magnus Rs 73,999
AMO Electric Jaunty Rs 65,064 to Rs 90,064
BGauss A2 Rs 52,499 to Rs 71,199
Odysse Electric Hawk Rs 99,400 to Rs 1.18 lakh
Evtric Axis Rs 75,482

Komaki’s Electric Cruiser Ranger

15 popular electric motorcycles sold in India:

Revolt RV 400 Rs 1.25 lakh
Hope OXO Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.40 lakh
Oben Rorr 1.03 lakh rupees
Tork Kratos Rs 1.22 lakh Rs 1.37 lakh
Komaki Ranger Rs 1.68 lakh
Odysse Electric Evoqis Rs 1.71 lakh
Kabira Mobility KM 4000 Rs 1.37 lakh
PURE EV eTryst 350 Rs 1.55 lakh
Kabira Mobility KM 3000 Rs 1.23 lakh
Joy e-bike Monster Rs 1.10 lakh
Komaki M-5 Rs 99,000
Earth Energy EV Evolve R Rs 1.42 lakh
Atumobile Atum Version 1.0 Rs 74,999
Komaki MX3 Rs 95,000
One Electric Motorcycles Kridn Rs 1.35 lakh
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