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Work: What is Wifi Calling and how can you use it safely

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  • Wifi Calling allows sex in bad networks.
  • Wifi Calling feature is not new.
  • Wifi Calling feature is available in almost all the smartphones.

New Delhi. Smartphones have become a necessity in today’s digital age. With the advent of phones, our lifestyle has become a lot easier. From online shopping to taking advantage of any government scheme, today we do many of our important tasks with the help of mobile phones. However, many times our phone does not get the network, due to which many times we have to face problems. We are not able to call and talk to anyone when the network is not available. However, now the solution to this problem has also been found. Now you can call other person even if there is no network in the phone.

Yes, now you can call other person from bad network with the help of Wifi Calling, but to use this feature you have to make some changes in your smartphone’s settings. Please note that this is not a new feature. A lot of time has passed since it came, but many users are not aware about this feature. If you are also unaware of the Wi-Fi calling concept, then let us tell you about Wi-Fi calling and its use.

What is Wi-Fi calling?
The Wi-Fi calling feature gives the user the facility of calling in an area with poor network. However, for this you will need a strong Wi-Fi connection. Apart from this, your phone should have Wi-Fi calling support. By the way, Wi-Fi calling support is available in most of the smartphones these days. With the help of Wi-Fi calling feature, you can make voice and video calls to anyone.

How to start Wi-Fi calling in Android?
To use Wi-Fi calling, you must first enable this feature present in your phone. To enable, first open the Phone app. Here you have to click on Settings. After this you have to go to Calls. By going to Calls, you will see the option of Wi-Fi calling. Now turn on the toggle of Wi-Fi calling here. After this, now you will be able to make calls easily on Wi-Fi network like a normal call. It is worth noting that when connected to the Internet, you will see Internet Call written, while on Wi-Fi it will appear on Wi-Fi calling.

Turn on Wi-Fi calling in iPhone
To use Wi-Fi calling on iPhone, you must first go to the iPhone’s Settings, where you will get the option of Wi-Fi calling. Now you have to toggle on Wi-Fi calling. A pop-up will appear as soon as you turn on the toggle, in which you will have to enable Wi-Fi calling. After this, you can now complete the Wi-Fi calling setting by following the instructions on the screen.

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