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Work thing: Old laptop will run at speedy speed, just a little work will have to be done


If the speed of your laptop or desktop has become slow, then take tension.
Now you can increase the speed of your device in a pinch.
To increase the speed of the device, you have to delete the cache, cookies and history from your browser.

New Delhi. If your laptop or desktop has become slow then do not worry. Today we are going to tell you such a trick, by which your old laptop will start running at scorching speed. Actually, whatever browser we use to run the Internet, it stores a lot of information. This includes websites, passwords, browsing history and downloaded data. This data slowly keeps getting accumulated in the device and then it slows it down.

If you want fast speed in your PC or laptop, first of all delete cache, cookies and history from your browser. By doing this, not only the storage of the device will be clean but personal data will also be safe. Apart from this, the performance of the computer will also be boosted.

What is Cookies, Cache and History?
When you visit any of the websites, a cookie pops up in front of you, which you have to accept. Many people accept it blindly. These cookies are files created by the websites you visit. They identify and track files that simplify your online experience by saving information when you browse or revisit a site.

Helps the browser to load a webpage faster during your next visit and this browser cache remembers some parts of the page. Your browsing history is a list of websites you have visited in the past. If you want to keep them private, you can clear your history. It will also help you to keep your personal data safe. Let us tell you how you can clear the browser’s cache, cookies and history.

How to Delete Cookies, Cache and History on Google Chrome
To delete keys, cache and history on Google Chrome, first open Chrome on your PC and click on the three-dot button in the top right corner. Here go to More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data. Here select all the boxes, including Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and other site data, Cache images and files. Now you can also go to Basic Settings and click on Time Range drop-down menu to check again. You can choose the time range you want, but in case of clearing your cache, always choose All Time. Now click on Clear data button.

How to Delete Cookies, Cache and History on Safari
If you use Safari, to delete cookies, cache and history, first go to the top menu and go to History and select Clear history. After this, select the time period you want to clear and click on Clear History. With this, all your browsing history and cache will be deleted.

How to Delete Cookies, Cache and History on Mozilla Firefox
Firefox users will first have to click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner. Then select Privacy and Security option from the left panel and then scroll down for Cookies and site data. Here check the box that says Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed, and click on Clear Data.

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