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Work point: You can become master of Ms Excel in minutes, this shortcut will help


Ms Excel software is used for official work. Many shortcuts are also present in these.
Whether to make charts or to do any multiplication, Ms excel is used everywhere.
With the help of this shortcut in Ms Excel, you can apply decimal, dollar or percentage immediately.

New Delhi. Are you an office worker? If yes, then you must be familiar with the use of Ms excel. Ms excel is one of the best software included in our daily routine. Whether to make a chart or to do multiplication, Ms excel is used everywhere. In such a situation, these tips and tricks of Ms excel will be very useful for you.

These tips and tricks will make your office life as well as everyday life easier. If you are a new user of Ms excel, then you must definitely check out these tips and tricks.

1. Using Shortcuts to Quickly Format the Value of a Cell
Suppose you write values ​​in one of your cells but you forgot to write them in the format like in decimal or in percentage. In this case, you can use CTRL+SHIFT+ to write a decimal or percentage in the cell, CTRL+SHIFT+$ for dollar, CTRL+SHIFT+% for percentage, respectively.

2. Double click to copy
If you have created a formula in a cell and you want the same formula to be used in the rest of the column, then you can do it with the help of a double click. For this you just have to move the cursor on the right corner of this cell. Doing so will make a “+” sign. You immediately double click and the same formula will be copied in the entire column.

3. Lock the CELL
While copying a formula, sometimes you want the input cell to proceed with your formula, but this may not always be the case. For this, you have to block, which you do by putting a dollar sign before the value. But what if you forget to put the dollar sign? Never mind you can do this hours of work in just minutes by just pressing one key “F4”. Select the cells you want to block and press F4 CELL will be locked.

4. Combining text or data from any 2 or more cells
You can do such a big job in a pinch with the help of CONCATENATE. CONCATENATE means to join or join. With the help of this, we can combine any data or text only. Let us understand with example: First name is written in your column A and last name is written in column B. If you want to write the full name by combining these two, then you can write with the help of CONCATENATE. You will not need to type in full again.

5. Changing the Case of Text
If you want to change the case of any text then it is also very easy in Excel. If you want in upper case, then UPPER, if you want in lower case then LOWER and if you want first letter big and rest small then you can use PROPER. it is used some u =UPPER(CELL_ADDRESS)

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