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Women, farmers, youth and poor… Modi government’s offer through budget, masterstroke before elections.

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Women, youth and farmers have been taken care of in the budget of Modi government.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the final budget for the second term of the Modi government. While presenting the interim budget for the financial year 2024-25 on Thursday, the Finance Minister has not made any major changes in the income tax slabs, but the Modi government has kept its vision regarding projects in railways and other sectors. Before the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Modi government has taken big steps through the budget to help the farmers, labourers, poor and youth. The question arises that what offer has the Modi government made in the budget for the youth, youth, farmers and poor?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been saying repeatedly that for him there are only four castes, which are poor, youth, women and farmers. While presenting the budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman kept her focus on these 4 ‘castes’ only. Sitharaman made many important announcements for villages, farmers and women in her budget. He said that the Central Government is paying maximum attention to the poor, women, youth and farmers. The government is trying its best to make their life better. The welfare of the poor is the welfare of the country and we are doing a lot of work for the poor.

Government is kind to women

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has placed special focus on women in the budget. While presenting the budget, he has promised to provide benefits of Ayushman Bharat to Anganwadi workers and Asha sisters. Maternal and child care schemes were brought under the comprehensive programme. To protect girls from this disease, it has been announced to provide free vaccination. Under Mudra Yojana, 30 crore loans have been given to women entrepreneurs. Whereas in the last 10 years, enrollment of women for higher education has increased by 28 percent.

Also, the Finance Minister said that one crore women have been made Lakhpati Didi. Now the target of Lakhpati Didi has been increased to 3 crores. Girls and women have benefited from STEM courses. Women’s participation in higher education has increased by 28 percent. There has been a change in the lives of about 9 crore women and Lakhpati Didi has brought self-reliance in their lives.

so much kindness to the youth

While presenting the interim budget, Nirmala Sitharaman said that the government is continuously committed to empowering the Amrit Generation youth. Our prosperity depends on adequately equipping and empowering the youth. He further said that transformative reforms are being brought through the National Education Policy-2020. Quality education is being imparted in PM Shri schools and holistic and all-round development of children is being done. He said that through PM Vishwakarma Yojana, artists and craftsmen involved in 18 trades are being provided all kinds of help from beginning to end.

Finance Minister Sitharaman said in the budget speech that Skill India Mission has trained 1.4 crore youth in different fields. More than 54 lakh youth have been trained and made employable. 3 thousand new ITIs have been established in the country. Opportunities for institutional higher education have also increased in large numbers. 7 IITs, 16 IIITs, 7 IIMs, 15 AIIMS and 390 universities have been established.

How many gifts to farmers from the budget?

The focus of the government has always been to improve the condition of farmers. The Finance Minister said that ‘the minimum support price for Annadatas (farmers) has been increased from time to time and appropriately. Till now, about 12 crore farmers have been provided PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme, Rs 6,000 is transferred directly into the farmer’s account every 3 months. However, as expected, the government has not made any increase in the Samman Nidhi amount.

The Finance Minister said that the Modi government is continuously working towards making the country a developed India by 2047. The government is continuously focusing on removing the inequalities present in the system. The government’s emphasis is on results so that social and economic change can be brought about. Social justice is an effective and necessary model for the government. While announcing Nano DAP in his speech, the Finance Minister said that it will benefit the farmers of the country. Nano DAP can be used on many crops in agro-climatic areas. Till now nano urea was used for farming. However, Nano DAP will play an important role in smart farming.

The Finance Minister said that seafood exports have doubled since 2013-14. The government says that efforts for value addition in the agricultural sector and increasing the income of farmers will be intensified. PM Kisan Sampada Yojana benefited 38 lakh farmers and created 10 lakh jobs.

The government also kept an eye on the poor

Before the elections, the government has taken special care of the poor people. At present 3 crore houses are being constructed under PM Awas Gramin. Now according to the new announcement, 2 crore more houses will be built. Poor people will benefit greatly from this scheme. They will be able to get a house. The scheme has been brought not only for the poor but also to help the middle class people buy houses.

In his response to the budget, PM Narendra Modi said, “We have built more than 4 crore houses for the poor in villages and cities. Now we have increased this target to build 2 crore more new houses. Not only this, we had set a target of making 2 crore women Lakhpati Didi, which has now been increased to 3 crore.” Before going to the elections, the government has played a big gamble for four sections and by talking about their welfare, the government has made a masterstroke. Now it remains to be seen how much benefit the government gets from this in the elections.

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