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Woman sets her bike on fire, video going viral

It is a very difficult task to save your car and bike in India. From accident to theft and arson, many cases keep coming to the fore. Now one such case has come to light in which a woman set the park bike on fire.

This matter is being reported of Jaitpur police station in South-East district of Delhi. This incident has also been recorded on CCTV. It can be seen in this video that the woman was walking in a narrow lane where some bikes were also parked.

After this she removes the fuel fuel pump on the female bike. After sprinkling fuel, this woman takes out a matchbox and sets the bike on fire. Due to petrol, this bike burns to ashes in no time.

As can be seen in the video, the woman is throwing a matchstick at the bike from 1 or 2 feet but the bike catches fire after coming in contact with a little bit of petrol. After this there is no sign of the bike left.

It has also been revealed in the report that she tries to set other bikes on fire as well but the local people catch her and prevent the accident from happening. The local people caught hold of the woman and handed her over to the police.

So far the police have not confirmed what was the motive of the woman for setting the bike on fire. It can also be seen in the viral video that the woman did not choose this bike under any target.


Woman sets bike on fire, video going viral


In such a situation, seeing this incident, we guess that it can be a mental health problem and not some kind of revenge. It is a matter of pride that neither the woman who started the fire nor any local person got any kind of injury in this incident.

It should be noted that it is easier to remove the fuel line in carburetor bikes than in fuel injected bikes, due to which this type of incident can be easily done.


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