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Woman reached hospital after stomach ache, such thing seen in intestine, even doctors were shocked

A child was growing in the woman’s intestine (symbolic picture)Image Credit source: Pexels

A strange ‘accident’ happened with a woman. This woman reached the hospital after complaining of unbearable pain in the stomach, but the doctors were surprised to see her scan report. Because, the woman was in the 23rd week of her pregnancy. But the child was not growing in her womb, but in her intestine. The surprising thing here is that even the woman did not know that she was pregnant. Such cases are rarely seen in medical science.

According to a case study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a 37-year-old woman checked herself into the hospital after experiencing severe stomach pain and bloating for 10 days. But the scan report revealed that she was pregnant, but the child was growing in the intestine. This is a very rare case, because the probability of such pregnancy is only one percent. This is called abdominal ectopic pregnancy. When the fertilized egg gets implanted outside the uterus.

What are the symptoms?

Sometimes the fetus also starts growing in the fallopian tube, which poses a danger to the mother. Due to this, there is a possibility of internal bleeding and tube rupture. At the same time, there is hardly any chance of survival of the fetus. Symptoms of this type of pregnancy often include vaginal bleeding, stomach pain, dizziness and weakness.

Gave birth to a child in the 29th week

According to the case study, after possible complications, the woman was sent to another hospital, where she gave birth to a baby at 29 weeks. The newborn was kept in the ICU for care. Babies born in the 24th week have a 60% to 70% chance of survival. However, in the 28th week this probability is 80-90%.

After about three months of delivery, both the child and the mother were discharged from the hospital. This is not the first time that doctors have found a fetus growing in a strange place. A pediatrician took to TikTok to share the report of a fetus growing in a woman’s liver.


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