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Woman keeps drinking alcohol and cigarettes and is getting fat, suddenly gives birth to a three kg baby

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Becoming a mother is not easy for any woman. It is a journey in which a woman carries a life in her womb and during this, many changes are seen in her body and when this child comes into the world, there is no limit to the happiness of the mother, but what happens when What if a child is born and the woman is surprised instead of happy? This may sound strange to you but it is completely true. Actually, the story here is that the woman happily gave birth to a child and she did not know anything about it.

According to media reports, this case is from Leeds, United Kingdom. Here, a 21-year-old woman, Niamh Hearn, suddenly had stomach pain on August 9, 2022. I thought it was appendix pain, so I immediately informed my roommate. After which he immediately called 111, called an ambulance and got me admitted to the hospital. Where I got the news that I was pregnant. That pain was the pain before baby birth and not of appendix. The woman was very surprised to see the child because she never felt that she was pregnant in the last nine months.

How did this happen?

While talking to the media, Niamh said that while studying in the university, there was not a night when I did not party hard. Being drunk, I had sex with a boy. After that I did pregnancy tests at least ten times which were completely negative. Although the size of my stomach was increasing day by day. Seeing this, I felt that I was getting fat. During this time we smoked a lot of cigarettes and also drank alcohol. Our party started at 6 in the evening and continued till 2 in the night.

What surprises me is that I drank a lot of alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy, but it had no effect on my child. My child was absolutely healthy. Today my son is 17 months old, but whenever I see him I just say that this cannot happen. Although I cannot change what happened, my family has accepted my child.

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